• Welcome to the Future!

    We are seeing our Local and State Government changing right before our eyes. The fiscal contractions at all levels of government have affected Parks and Recreation State-wide. The budgetary contraction will likely reduce the level of services, cause us to be more creative, and likely forge new partnerships.
  • Prepare and Transition

    It’s important that we are prepared to make changes to accomplish the many goals of our respective agencies. As we transition to a new NMRPA Administration, this is the last message from my term as President.
  • Path Forward

    At the State Conference, Ms. Dianne Marquez from Los Alamos was inducted into her two-year commitment as President. I urge you to support Dianne when she brings her leadership to the Association. I was very proud to serve as your President. Finally, I will end by repeating the request I made to you two years ago. Can you give a little time to the NMRPA? There is still much to accomplish.
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Our Mission

New Mexico Recreation and Parks Association Ruidoso Kite Festival


New Mexico Recreation and Parks Association

NMRPA will “Preserve the past, affect the present, and influence the future of Recreation and Parks within New Mexico.”

As a NMRPA member you become a voice in your profession. NMRPA is a dedicated, professional organization affiliated with the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).

NMRPA has a diverse membership with representation from City, County, and Federal Government agencies, as well as retired professionals.


Membership Benefits



  • Annual State Conference
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Member Directory and Handbook
  • Awards/Citations
  • Certification

NMRPA Board News


Seeking Nominations for Board of Directors

Deadline: August 9 @ 5PM

As a member of the New Mexico Recreation and Park Association you are eligible to nominate yourself or someone in the organization you think would make an excellent addition to the NMRPA Board. There are several positions that need to be filled this September to ensure NMRPA continues its forward momentum in a positive direction.

Upcoming Vacancies:

  • President Elect
  • Treasurer Elect
  • Secretary
  • Director at Large (3 Vacancies)

Please follow the link to the Nomination form to read the job descriptions and submit you nominee!

NMRPA Board Nomination Form